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Gut + Science

Dec 31, 2020

Alison Martin is the Founder and CEO of Engage Mentoring, a mentoring movement seeking to elevate people in the workplace. She is also the author of Learning to Lead Through Mentoring: 8 Mentoring Lessons to Help You Pursue Meaningful Mentoring Relationships.

Alison’s passion for mentorship comes from reflecting on the opportunities she had early in her career. She credits her success to the great mentors who helped her realize her leadership potential. Because of the positive effect mentorship has had on both her professional and personal life, she now strives to equip others with the opportunity for meaningful mentor relationships.

In this throwback episode, listen as Alison and Nikki discuss how mentorship can increase employee engagement. Not only does it help transfer knowledge to help mold strong leaders, but Alison believes it gives employees a stronger sense of purpose knowing there’s someone else invested in their development.