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Gut + Science

Jul 21, 2020

Terry Hamilton, Executive Vice President and System Chief Operating Officer at Lakeland Regional Health, is a long time leader in healthcare. What stands out about Terry is how passionate he is about the people side of the business. For him, sharing gratitude and recognizing employees for the important work they do well is what being a leader in healthcare is all about. 

Truth You Can Act On

1. Say thank you and say it often. 

[19:13] “The most fundamental thing you can do to demonstrate gratitude is to say, thank you. And then you have to know what you're saying. Thank you for, so you have to be intentional about finding the things that your people are doing that are great and say, thanks for that specific thing.” [19:29]



2. Carve out one on one time. 

[16:25] our standard tools are gone. So being there and saying the right thing and providing assurance and trying to enter into this as much as you can with them is the illustration to me of gratitude for workers at this particular time. [16:41]

3. Call people by name.

[25:06]I wanted to thank him, but I didn't know his name. And I've always been nice to my housekeeper, but I didn't know his name. And I resolved from that moment. I'm never not going to know. My housekeeper's name because that's a measure of gratitude as well. And a measure of recognition. [25:24]

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