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Gut + Science

Jan 21, 2021

As leaders, we are often so focused on how to make our company or our employees better we forget to take time for our own development. Tim Spiker, President and CEO of The Aperio Group, is a speaker, author, leadership consultant, and experience-creator led by the mission of making better leaders.

In this episode, Tim shares self-development techniques for leaders and answers the question, “As a leader, do you really work on you?” You’ll hear him discuss the importance of shifting our  mindset to make sure we are constantly learning and developing, as well as how being trustworthy impacts employee engagement. 

If at any point in 2021 you decide to join Tim and his team for one of their leadership development journeys, use the code “Gut+Science” in the promo box at checkout to get $500 off. To claim this offer go to their website: