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Gut + Science

Apr 26, 2018

 Truth You Can Act On:

  1. Hire for cultural fit. Make sure this human being is not just being hired for skill set but for cultural fit, meaning that they're going to jive with the rest of your organization and help everyone be better. You don't want to go back and fix that later. One of the greatest tests is just thinking through how long would you like to hang out with this person outside of work. That's really good test because you should want to hang out and be friends with them.
  2. Understand the power of soft skills training. We need to develop our people from the communication to relationship skills like building friendships and knowing how to show up. So I just encourage you to think through not so much the mechanical things and the high-level skills that they need as employees to do a great job but the soft skills training as well. Take retreats you know to get them away do some team building and really just help develop your people.
  3. Build disciples. When you build Disciple's you are really building a custom culture to your organization.  The people in your organization will scale and grow your culture. As a CEO you cannot delegate culture. You have to figure out how to scale. So building disciples in your organization is what will allow you to fulfill your vision.  Be visible. Empower the leaders in your org to do the same.


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